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Mobile Application Development Company | 2021 Best Prices

We create high performance, feature-packed, digitally transformative, and addictive mobile applications for iOS & Android so you can reach your target audience on their favorite devices. As an expert in mobile application development services, Technovier can create the right app that meets all your business needs. Whether you are looking to create a mobile application for smartphones, tablets, or both, we’ve got your back.

Our Approach to

Mobile Application Development

~ Project Vision
~ Technology Consultation
~ Business Analysis, Software Architecture & Prototyping
~ User Interface (UI) Design
~ User Experience (UX) Design
~ Quality Assurance
~ Backend Programming
~ Mobile Application Development
~ Testing & Debugging
~ Deployment
~ Support & Maintenance

Mobile Application Development

How We Stand Out as a Mobile App Development Company

mobile app dev

How We Stand Out as a

Mobile Application Development Company

~ Stunning and visually pleasing app concepts, designs, and functionalities
~ Agile and transparent mobile app development process
~ Application submission service for iTunes AppStore and GooglePlay store
~ Innovative mobile application development solutions
~ Competitive rates for mobile application design and development
~ Front-end specialists: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers
~ A friendly, open, and collaborative way of working with clients
~ Meticulous quality assurance (QA) and testing
~ Binding legal confidentiality
~ Technical support after deployment available round-the-clock
~ Features’ modification without any charges during testing (subject to terms and scope of the project)

Our Mobile App Development Services

iOS App Development Services

iPhones users are growing like wildfire year over year, so you need a separate iOS application for this huge user base. We develop iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages and Apple’s development tools and guidelines.

Android App Development Services

According to research, Android users show higher brand loyalty than iOS users. An Android app certainly pays off due to the overwhelming number of Android users. We do Android mobile application development from scratch using Java, C++, and Kotlin to build addictive and efficient apps.

Flutter Development

Flutter, Google’s modern cross-platform mobile development kit, is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web. We use Flutter to craft a high-quality native interface which is compatible for Android and iOS.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development allows your applications to run smoothly on all mobile platforms. We use Flutter among other Mobile App Frameworks to build an app that performs efficiently on numerous platforms.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development creates mobile apps that can be launched on multiple platforms using a single codebase, which is much more efficient than developing an app multiple times using native technologies for each platform.

Mobile Web App Development

Mobile web apps are actually website applications that are optimized for a great mobile experience. These aren’t mobile applications, but websites written in HTML/CSS and they run on a browser. They are designed to imitate smartphone apps, but they don’t have much in common.

Advantages of Working with Technovier

Exceptional Performance

Our skilled mobile app developers create system architectures that guarantee optimal working of the apps on all platforms and devices.


Our mobile app development approaches facilitate the lowest overheads. However, we don’t compromise on the quality of services.

Safety and Security

Security is never compromised in our apps. We find the right balance between the use of applications and the mitigation of risk.

Scalable Architecture

Our apps deliver performance for current infrastructure while keeping space in their architecture for future technologies and protocols. For growing brands, this is a non-neglectable requisite.

Ultimate User Experience

Following a user-centric approach, we build apps that provide positive mobile experience, intuitive interfaces, and remarkable features.

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If Google has implemented the Mobile-First Approach, then it is clear that others should follow suit. The number of smartphone users is well over a billion now, which seeks the attention of every brand trying to make a mark towards mobile app development.