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What Is Future Of Digital Transformation?

August 12, 2020

Before plunging head-first into this article, it is important to first clear the air about what digital transformation actually is, or rather what is meant by this term. It simply encompasses the penetration of digital technology into all spheres of life; education, healthcare, but most importantly, businesses. Technology is changing the world of business completely; it is changing the way it is operated, and it is changing customers’ experiences. It is absolutely pertinent for every business to undergo digital transformation to keep up with all competitors and in order to be perceived as technologically relevant.

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Digital transformation encourages the execution of creativity, the adoption of innovative solutions and the fervour to keep up with all rapid changes in the market.


Covid-19 has been the pivot to all digital transformation that has ensued in 2020. With the world moving online post lockdown, there was a wide market available digitally for businesses to thrive in, getting maximum revenue, engagement and sales. In order to maintain all set standards for functioning in society amid this Covid-19 crisis, many of the tasks have been shifted online to minimize all interactions and following social distancing. Payments are made online, all retail experiences have shifted online, education is being conducted online; thus, this digital transformation has penetrated into everyone’s everyday lifestyle.


Prior to corona virus outbreak, many countries were still lagging behind when it came to digitization, but post pandemic, every country has come on board digital technology in reshaping businesses. And, these changes are going to stay for a long time. Digital outreach to customers has proven to be more successful in increasing ROI and engagements than merely operating from a brick and mortar. Technology has become the core to functioning in all businesses, with the added bonus of Artificial Intelligence IT systems, this is going to reign for the years to come. We are going to witness a constant technological up-gradation in the following areas:

IT Infrastructure

We as a society can no longer function without the internet; all order placement, shopping experiences, academic research, etcetera, are carried out with the help of the internet. All businesses that have not digitally transformed, risk becoming obsolete.


There is automation in all processes, especially in healthcare systems, like informing the number of patients that are sick for awareness about the possible risk of an infection outbreak.

Supply Chain

This pandemic has brought forward many innovations in the supply chain as well and it is an inherently technology-based system to gain invincibility in times of uncertainty to maintain smooth functioning.

Cyber Security

With much of the payment procedures being conducted online, through technology, security has become a major issue to maintain secure transactions. Furthermore, with the reigning zoom meetings, cybersecurity is the main issue to ensure secure meetings by getting rid of any prevalent gaps that cause meetings to get infiltrated by hackers.