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Techno-Ad | Developed By Technovier 360° Technology

Advertising Logo Robot


(Technology Infused Advertising Solutions)

We Design and Execute Technology based campaigns for Advertisers, Retailers and Brands depending on the demand using the latest technology both hardware and software provided by our data partners

Our Tools

Smart AI based Campaigns

Change your AD using different triggers


Object Detection



Augmented Reality

A Game Changer in Advertising

From mobile apps for interactive catalogues to one-off publicity stunts in shopping malls to augmented product packaging ‒ the options are limitless.

Interactive Mobile and Web

We can make customized interactive, engaging mobile and web applications for your brand or product as per your requirements

Geo-Fencing Applications

Interactive Games

3D Holographic Display

One thing is for sure a 3D Hologram projection of your product is definitely going to attract the attention of the customer.Holograms are taking over Advertising. Holograms can help you create a Center Piece for your Ad Campaign



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