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New Features Of IPhone 14 ☼ Step By Step Guide

September 26, 2020

To all technology savvy people, the release of the much anticipated iOS 14 in September 2020 was a day of great celebration as many were longing to get their phone updated to the next big thing and we’ve decided to tell you about all those new Features of iPhone 14. While there were some others who were skeptical about the recent upgradation that keeps on happening in technology, questioning each new software released, ‘how much of a difference could it be anyway?

Well, this blog right here is to quench all those tiny questions that keep popping in your minds and help you discover the important Features of iPhone 14. Let us start from the very beginning, shall we?

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What Is iOS 14?

iOS 14 has been dubbed by Apple itself as “the core experience of iPhones.”, which has been accompanied with completely redesigned widgets that can be placed anywhere on your home screen. Now, is that not interesting?! Apple’s new operating system gives an entirely appearance to your average iPhone’s home screen. That is the main physically distinguishable feature, accompanied with an entirely new Siri, and an App library. On a side note, all these features are simultaneously available on the iPadOS14.

How To Download the iOS 14?

So, you are well aware about the thriving existence of the iOS 14, but as an Apple user how do you exactly get the iOS 14? Well, there is no need to panic, all you gotta do is read through!

All those users having iPhone 6s and other models that are more recent will be able to download the software directly, and those users of iPads would need iPad 2 to do the same. The first step entails backing up everything on your device. Once you’ve done that, the rest is pretty simple: go to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’, your device will start a search on latest available software and ta da: the download process begins! It requires a few minutes for completion after which the phone will automatically restart.


Features of iPhone 14Features of iPhone 14

App Library

If you have been an iPhone user for years, you must be very familiarized with its characteristic grid appearance of all apps, however this latest update enables users to hide pages of apps that are not much in frequent use. Scrolling to the right will give you immediate access to the new App Library; apps are more grouped into similar categories now.

Features of iPhone 14-

Picture-In-Picture Mode

This is news of great celebration for all Netflix users as this default application if you are curious about Features of iPhone 14 now you get to enjoy your shows/movies while doing other tasks on your iPhone, be it a message that needs to be sent urgently, or a quick email check, anything! No need to hit that pause button in annoyance at every interruption.

Revamped Siri

The new and improved Siri won’t be taking up all of your phone’s screen whenever it is in use, instead it is a small bubble at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. Now, you can ask any question, be it an inquiry about the weather, and you’ll observe a small pop-up notification at the top of the screen with the answer. It can also send audio messages to you in the Message app.

Features of iPhone 14 --

Translate App

Apple has now produced an exclusive Translate app which is currently equipped with 11 languages. The app can be converted into conversation mode, enabling a smooth conversation between two people by displaying a side-by-side view making it easier for both the parties to see the translation.

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App Clips

In order to provide utmost convenience to users, Apple introduced App Clips to make it easy to find and use new apps based on current actions and situations of the user(s). This entails bite-sized apps for one-time-use purposes.

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With the new update, users can easily pull out widgets right into their home screens, and get alternate sizes for them! This gives great customization ability in the appearance of phones, and resultantly enhances accessibility, for instance switching music tracks with the help of music app widget.

Message App Upgrades

A lot of improvement tweaks have been added on to the Message App, including the feature enabling important conversations to be pinned at the top, which will appear in big circles that instantly sets them apart from regular conversations. In group messages, all those users who will be currently active will appear in bigger circles than others.


This feature allows users to create their own fun and exclusive emojis with customized hairstyles, the new man bun, top knot, and new Memoji stickers of hugging, fist bump or even a blush. There are more age options like baby face, ‘golden age’ or somewhere in between.

Unlike the iOS 13, which was introduced with its many bugs iOS 14 are stable and quite dependable for daily use. Although a new iPhone device launch was not accompanied with this latest software update it proves that Apple can breathe a new life into the already existing hardware.


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this article which was written to cover all latest Features of iPhone 14 if so then its good.