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How We Work ☼ Our Process No.1 Company

How We Work ☼ Technovier Mean Business ☼ Our Process

Now that you’ve landed on our page, let us first explain How We Work and our well-curated masterplan offering a complete, all-in-one E-commerce Solutions agenda for your business. All you have to do is read and relax because your business is finally in the right hand. The only way from here is up, towards success (and also to scroll through this page’s contents).

Step 1

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Choosing a Product

  • Finding a Product

First and foremost, we help you identify where your strengths lie; what products you should bring forth to your customers; is it the solution customers seek? We will be here to guide you every step of the way. So, hold on tight!

  • Evaluating the Product

After product selection comes evaluation in terms of its potential ROI generation compared to its cost of production. We help you analyze your product intricately and conduct an initial SWOT analysis to help determine your business’s current playing field.    

  • Obtaining your Product

We know what product to market, and we have thoroughly evaluated its profit-making ability as well. What follows is pretty basic: lining up your products in stock and that’s all this is How We Work.


Step 2

Research and Prepare

  •      Find Competitors

Your goals are our goals, making your competition ours as well. We first conduct a research analysis on all potential competitors, direct and indirect; we analyze their online marketing efforts and strategies, their goals, products,
and competencies, and work hard to surpass them in every manner.

  •     Writing a Business Plan

We put all your business operations in a comprehensive manner so that all set objectives are translucent to everyone. We conduct thorough research on your business and establish goals and objectives to achieve from its operational, functional, and marketing aspects.

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Step 3

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Setting up your Business

  •     Naming your business

Technovier unleashes its creative zeal in generating numerous out-of-the-box names for your business. Our strategy is to conjure a name that is unique, attractive, and one that narrates your brand’s story most efficiently and convenes a meaning to the audiences, representing
the essence of your brand. Once you lock a name, we simultaneously set up a
domain name for your exclusive online business setup

  •     Creating a Logo & Brand Guidelines

With access to professional designers, your business will come to life through its logo. We will help you add consistency in how your brand looks, feels, and sounds; in its representation, through colors, themes, pictures, typography, and design overall, making it easier for customers to recognize the voice of your business.

Reigns of your website and steer it in the direction of your potential audiences. Our SEO experts implement modern techniques to keep your business on top of all SERPs, increasing traffic on your website, and rankings for desired keywords.

  •     Building your Store/ Development

For your website and mobile app development, we will establish a layout and theme, aligned with your E-commerce vision, then list all your products with descriptions, prices, and set up payment processing on your website. You just sit tight and witness a personalized outreach to your customers. 

  •     Choosing Sales Channels

We analyze the channels from where you’ll find maximum customers, redirecting them to your website. We utilize your social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to attract the audience to the products with vigorous marketing efforts.


Step 4

Preparing to Launch

  •     Plan Pre Hype & Launch Marketing Campaigns

Everything’s set and ready to go! We’ll create a buzz about what’s yet to come,
taking all your social media channels by storm with our creative marketing
campaigns that compel the audience to reach out to get more information.
By the time we’re done, the audience will be holding onto their seats in anticipation of the launch of your store.

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Step 5

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Post-launch/ Digital Services

  •     Acquiring your 1st customer

Our experts will ensure a smooth running of all operations of your newly launched store. We will entice all potential customers to make their purchases with targeted content creation and marketing. You will quickly have orders lined up in no time!

  •     Marketing your Store

A store cannot function on its own, without being marketed. That’s where our role steps in; we will be utilizing all your online presence to garner as much reception and engagement from the customers. Our job is to make you look good, and lucky for you we excel in that.

  •     Email Marketing Essentials

We utilize Email Marketing for creating awareness about your business. Everyone checks their inbox on a daily basis; it’s potential advertising equipment, giving you access to many people with a single message. 

  •     Driving Traffic from Social

With our rigorous marketing efforts, your social media will remain ablaze with traffic, and engagement, redirecting sales to your website. We create buzz for your offered products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our creative zeal will steer all traffic to your website. 

  • Driving Traffic & Conversions from Paid Ads

We utilize paid ads to garner more traffic and, consequently, sales on your website, devising traffic-generating campaigns to build a concrete audience for your website for optimum information distribution, encouraging potential leads to make a purchase. 


  • Optimizing for Higher Conversions

You have to attract the right people- your targeted people -to your website and we ensure you get a high conversion rate and, subsequently, generate a higher ROI from our conversion optimization efforts that will ultimately convert all your website’s visitors into customers.


  • Using Analytics to Uncover Insights

We use web analytics to determine the behavior of all web visitors, potential leads, and customers to provide a personalized and customized experience for them, translating the consumer insights obtained into effective action. Our high-quality research approaches and data techniques develop a deeper customer understanding. With us, the only way forward is towards success.

In this guide, we have tried to cover all steps that How We Work. We have designed this on win-win formula.