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How To Update IPhone Applications | 2021 Methods

October 20, 2020

Apple is a well renowned brand for mobile phones and this is that questions mostly iPhones users are searching on Google that “How to update iPhone Applications” and laptops. People get overwhelmed whenever a new iPhone or a new update of the system is launched. This year even before launching new iPhone, apple has introduced its new update iOS 14.

Updates and new features – How to update iPhone Applications

One of my personal favorites from the new updates is the incoming calls now appear as a pop up on screens, they don’t take the whole screen. Apple has changed the screen and has offered new app organization. The useless screens can be deleted. These new features are refreshing because the old updates were monotonous and had no obvious changes.

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Widgets can be placed on home screen. The maps are better and bike maps are also introduced. there is new translation app. There are new tools added for messaging and new emojis are introduced too. Siri has improved a lot. Default browsers can be changed.

All great things have at least a singular point that comes with a significant limitation to the consumer(s). Similarly, the new updates of the iOS 14 do not include updates for new features such as app clips and widgets. Car key is not compatible for all cars, it is limited. Likewise, the translation app has 12 languages only. It has introduced picture in picture but is not supporting it right now.

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However, when Apple launched its iOs 13 which was ridden with bugs, therefore they shortly after, 5 days later, introduced the 13.1 which fixed those: the stability in the operating system was not promised because of this mishap. On the contrary the iOS 14 has proven to be operating quite smoothly with promising results. Apple users are considerably happy with the new software update.

How to Update iPhone Applications

Who Can One Get iOS 14?

Next concerns comes with the attainment procedure: how exactly can Apple users get their hands on the new iOS 14? Well, people having iPhones 6, 7, 7s, 8, 8plus, iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max and iPhone 11, etcetera, can easily update their software’s from the “Settings” in their phones! It is quite simple really, and exciting to be quite close to obtaining the next best thing! Moreover, iPhone SE Generation 1, iPhone SE Generation 2, and iPod Touch 7th Generation can get easy access to the new update as well.

How To Update Your iPhone?

iPhone may give you reminder for update but you can manually update your phone by following these steps, Settings > General > Software Update and select Download and Install. Then you’ll be asked the permission to agree to the terms and conditions and then you are good to go!

We have covered all the methods in this article which is written on the topic of “How to update iPhone Applications“.