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Digital Marketing Strategies For E-commerce | No. 1 Actions

September 23, 2020

Running an E-commerce business is no child’s play, but requires complete dedication, determination, thorough insights and careful considerations to every detail and you should be very well aware of all Digital Marketing Strategies so you can save much time and money as compare to a non-technical guy.

However, digital marketing is becoming the norm with the years as more and more businesses have now migrated to the realm of social media and are currently operating online E-commerce stores. So, there are numerous tried-and-tested strategies and theories that can be implemented, guaranteeing future growth and success. But first, what exactly entails Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Strategies

What Are Digital Marketing Strategies?

Your business has a certain set of goals and objectives that it strives to achieve, and the way to do so is through a carefully curated plan, also known as a digital marketing strategy, that helps your business achieve its digital, strategic goals via specific online marketing channels (paid, earned or owned media).

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The objective is to drive major traffic for conversion and sales. In order to make your business stand out instantly from the intense competition, you need to focus on differentiating with a successful digital marketing strategy, which will ultimately increase your sales and further grow your online business, generating more revenue too. When you’ve outlined the goals, you plan out your strategy and devise engaging digital campaigns through which you obtain all goals. Digital marketing involves content marketing, visual enhancement through designing, SEO strategies that all work together to bring the best form of your E-commerce store in front of the consumers.

Tried & Tested Digital Marketing Strategies

Paid Ads

Google shopping ads are the go-to strategy for most E-commerce stores as they provide instant display of your product/service at the top of Google search results whenever a specific consumer is searching for that particular product.

Shopping On Instagram

Once your business has an online profile set-up on Instagram, attaching a product catalogue on Facebook, it can easily tag its products on organic feed. Consumers won’t have to go to your profile to find product information but can just navigate through your post and get all the information they seek!

Customer Reviews

Adding the feature of customer reviews is sure to add further reassurance to consumers’ purchase decisions. They persuade the consumers to make the final purchase, therefore customer reviews are notable in increasing conversion rates.

Product Visualization

Since consumers don’t get to browse through products in real-time, offering clear product visualization will enhance their decision making process in favour of your offered product. Implementing 360 degree view or advanced zoom-in features along with pop-ups containing further information about the products will add more convenience to their experience.

Video Additions

The world of marketing has taken a turn towards video marketing, which is notably far more captivating the consumers as it provides reassurance to them about the product or service’s features.

Data Analytics

Data like conversion rates, bounce rates, and engagement rates are useful for analysis as they provide accurate information and insights about how well your online E-commerce store is actually performing. This data is further analyzed for making improvements, and to add a layer of personalization for the consumers to feel connected to the business itself, enhancing their long term relationship with the brand.

Digital Marketing Strategies -

Chatbox Automation

Providing as much convenience at the end consumer is the ideal for most businesses, and as online E-commerce stores don’t have personnel attending to every inquiry of the customers, having automated chat boxes enables 24/7 communication with them, adding on to their overall pleasant shopping experience.

User Generated Content (UGC)

The best way to garner consumer attention is through UGC, by providing specific hashtags, or setting up an easy system for sharing review posts, because consumers are more likely to trust the reviews of fellow consumers to a larger extent than the business’s own marketing efforts.

Ultimately, you need to experiment around all types of digital marketing strategies and come up with what works best for your business.