Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing – Full Guide

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The most searched question regarding marketing is this? How? It is a full guide about the Comparison of Digital and Traditional Marketing, First of all, we need to define these terms in a broader sense for a layman. Not everyone can discern the difference. Not only a layman but many business owners are quite oblivious to the meaning and differences between varied marketing strategies. Even though every business spends a considerable budget for their marketing campaigns.

However, many can’t decipher which one is most suitable according to their business needs. It’s not only market research or maintaining a high quality of products that will ensure sales boost to your services but an effective marketing strategy that can convert maximum leads into potential customers.

Comparison of Digital and Traditional Marketing

Here below is the Comparison of Digital and Traditional Marketing

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Traditional Marketing?

Before moving further, first identify what is involved in traditional marketing campaigns.

  • We all are familiar and grown-up watching advertisements during television breaks. So far the most prevalent and influential traditional marketing technique. 
  • Billboards, signs on the backs of automobiles like taxis and rickshaws, posters on walls are all forms of traditional marketing
  • Using print mediums like newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • Reaching out through calls or text messages 
  • Sending letters, flyers, catalogs, etc. 

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Now let’s define the advantages of traditional marketing methods

Long-lasting Effects

We all cherish childhood memories about ads related to our favorite products. Who doesn’t feel nostalgic when a chocolate or ice cream brand name pops up that we adored as kids. The main triggers were the ads which made all those stuff more catchy and desirable in our vivid memory.

The second factor for sustaining long term effects is printed versions are saved for a long time. If a leading newspaper or magazine holds an ad, it will stay right before your eyes as long as you keep the copy.

Billboards and Street Signs create more impressions

Whether you are driving or just passing a street. An ad over a billboard will surely catch your eye. Love it or hate it, but you just can’t ignore it. 

The older generation is less tech-savvy

If your target consumer base is in the older age bracket or you want to reach out to rural areas or communities with less tech advancement then traditional marketing is for you.

Last but not least, if your audience is using ad blockers then traditional marketing is the only way out. 


You might run out of funds

You are a small scale business and want to secure an entire page in a top-selling magazine, but most likely you lack the required funds for it. 

Your targeted market might get limited

If your targeted clients are young people and you want to interact more directly and frequently then traditional marketing has no scope for you. Since the younger generation forms a greater percentage of the population than the older one in Pakistan so traditional methods might result in outdated ones in a market.

No tools to investigate exact results

With traditional marketing, you lack specific tools that define how much exactly your methodology is effective and gaining interaction as compared to digital methods. Who can tell, how many times your ad was seen on a billboard or viewed on a T.V or magazine? Also, it can be really cumbersome to wait for results that can last from months to years.

What is included in digital marketing?

  • Content marketing
  • Seo optimization
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media outlets
  • Emails
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Web content

Digital Marketing Advantages

Increased engagement and accurate tracking

With social media presence, you are directly engaged with your potential consumer base. You know the response and feedback from likes and comments and can also track your performance with online tools that track KPIs. (Key Performance Indicators).

Digital advertising is more adjustable

You can always customize digital ads, for instance, if you are running a search campaign to target a certain audience, you can always change it later on. 

It’s easier to target the desired audience

Ever noticed that you googled something and the next time you surf the net, a pop-up ad showed up relevant to your searches. It’s because Google tracks your searches and customize ads according to your preferences.

It’s less expensive

It’s a no brainer to spend a fortune over marketing when you can do it in less budget with more precision. Traditional marketing is an expensive domain whereas digital needs less budget and returns more.

Now coming to disadvantages

Some hate Google ads

Some of us do block Google ads because we find them annoying so we end up blocking them. It might cause hindrance in efficient outreach of digital marketing campaigns.

It lacks permanence

Where a printed ad can stay alive for years, the duration of visibility for social media ads is not that long. 

The decision is in your hands

This guide is covering the Comparison of Digital and Traditional Marketing Comparing both pros and cons of traditional and digital marketing, the benefits of digital marketing campaigns simply outweigh their cons. Especially if you are a small business, it’s not rational to invest heavily in marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is a need of time and we, at Technovier, find cost-effective solutions for branding campaigns.

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