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Best Content Writing Strategies Of 2021 | Top Tips

December 15, 2020

When it’s said content is king then it’s not unsightly said. You should be very well aware of Content Writing Strategies so you can use you content wisely. However writing a simple content then wondering why it’s not producing desirable results is basically a result of not crafting well articulated strategies. Digital world is continuously evolving so are the content marketing hacks. We gathered some of the smartest strategies to make your content do wonders.

Possible Content Writing Strategies – Be Astute in Designing Landing Pages:

When you stumble upon any ad while surfing online, and click upon the link in it to redirect you to the page offering mentioned products or services. What do you actually expect? Think from the mind of a potential customer not a writer. Design a landing page in a way and write content for it that is highly converting. Optimize your landing page for the right keywords.

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Add videos with catchy script:

Having a video along with your blog is always a good idea and one of the main factor considered by expert in Content Writing Strategies. You can sum up the central idea of your write up in that video. Even if someone skips reading it, they will surely watch the video.

Segment audience according to your product appeal:

You need to identify your potential customers by analyzing the buyers’ persona. If your targeted readership is under eighteen then most likely you need to influence their guardians to affect their choices. If they are adults and unmarried, they might be more impulsive buyers than the married couples who are burdened with many additional expenses. Likewise if a product is aimed for older people they have more budget with less inclination, so you have to craft content keeping psychological factors in mind.

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LinkedIn is a platform to explore:

If you are sharing your content to Facebook, or twitter they might have limited reach and impact compared to LinkedIn. It’s a professional platform and if your content is engaging and impactful then it will surely get viral thus creating more outreach for your marketed product or services.

Do your Market Research Well:

Get to know your potential customers before launching a product. Use Google trends and search with targeted keywords to know what your consumer base is looking for. Produce your content accordingly.

Be Adaptive:

Your target audience include a large chunk of millennials  so organize your content in a way that is adaptive to this age group. Your content should be written in a way that can be adjusted with both a larger consumer base and millennials in specific.

Don’t be Hasty:

If you targeted 1000 subscribers every month but getting merely 100 then don’t feel disappointed. Stay consistent with your content marketing strategy and it will keep growing. No brand is built overnight. Follow the hedgehog model, what it means? Hedgehog model is to simply start from where you are. 

A/B testing is additional advantage:

Be focused on split testing. Conversions are more likely to be made with it and even a one additional point in conversions can make a difference. It would help you to design better landing pages, call to actions and headlines to get more convertible leads.

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Competitor analysis is a must:

Digital marketing has made it all too easy to spy on your competitor. You have various tools at hand like Ahrefs to find which keyword your competitors are ranking with. You can always know how many backlinks they are generating with their content.

Be more Engaging by Adding Emotional Flavor:

Yes, curate personalized content. Use language that is more direct and intimate to your potential customer. Detached and formal tone might fail to capture their attention.


Content writing and marketing is becoming a core value and skill in the world of digital marketing. At Technovier we endeavor to provide premium services as we practice all the content writing strategies to our clients’ projects with well crafted digital and content marketing approaches that can ensure high conversion rates.