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Before Hiring App Development Company - 2021 Tips

January 6, 2021

Such a great topic we are going to cover “Hiring App Development Company“. Having a user friendly app is crucial for your marketing strategy nowadays more than anything else. More so if you are dealing in an Ecommerce setup. With the emergence of apps like Food Panda, Daraz, Careem etc, it has become evident that you can’t survive the competition in your niche unless you widen your reach via well designed apps with easy to use features. People tend to use their mobile phones more than their computers or laptops to navigate through the products or services. There are many intricacies involved before getting your app designed.

Here we list down the things that you need to look for before hiring an app development agency:

Portfolio checking is the must

Not every company has in house development teams so the only option left for Ceo or founder of a company without an in-house team is to find a properly trained app development agency. How can you vouch for its reliability? Most viable solution for that is to check out their portfolios. Check and explore the software and apps they designed for their previous clients. You can even download some of those for testing purposes. This way you can figure out what kind of results they have produced in the past.

Cost is important but not in a way you think

Yes, you should consider the cost factor in your mind while looking out for hiring app development company but it shouldn’t be on your nerves. If your sole focus is price then you might end up getting low quality results. You get what you paid for. Quality services may not come as cheap as you might desire.

An attractive design makes your first impression

Check out their templates for web design and see if they can captivate the attention of one who visits? Also if it’s UX optimized or not and provide you with secure code? It’s crucial to keep your data secure and private. Do take care of code ownership too if you don’t want to remain dependent upon the app development agency whenever you need to update an app.

hiring App Development Company

Do take a look at their previous clients before Hiring App Development Company

How would you make sure that the apps they referred in their portfolios are their actual work? You can only verify that through their clients. Not only their previous clients can give you confirmation but can be intimate about their work ethics and professionalism.

Timeline and project road mapping is important

You need to know the roadmap for your product development before giving a go ahead. You should inquire about the expected timeline and also about their numeric staff strength. How many people shall be working on your project and how many projects they tackle at one time? If they tend to take so many commitments together, they may not deliver results on time or as you expected.

Are you aiming for android or IOS?

You should know and outline your preferred system to your developers, or if you seek to acctess both then does that agency have an expertise for that?

Communication is the key

You must remain in touch and interactive with your development agency about your needs and requirements. They don’t have knowledge of the unseen. Also you would be able to check if there are bugs or anything technical discrepancy so you can communicate your concern on time. Professional attitude is a two way thing, you can’t make it work by being lazy and expect the other party to deliver it all. Be sure to ask if they are developing the app themselves to avoid the regrets later on.

Things to ask:

Things you must ask your developers are:

How long will they take to add Google analytics, ad mob banner or Facebook dialog share, if their answer is weeks or months, they may not worth it as it doesn’t take more than an hour.

Ask their terms and conditions in a clear manner.

Lastly, before moving on while Hiring App Development Company see if they are beginners or experts because anyone can claim to be a developer but not everyone has required expertise.